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Are you thinking about how to most effectively launch and run your European business to generate revenue fast? LPS assists you in all phases of the go-to-market process. 
Market Entry Preparation
LPS works with you to sanity-check and refine strategy and sales tactics for your target markets.  We identify the highest potential country markets and sales approach, including:


  • Market- and customer mapping

  • Sales channel landscape & strategy

  • Go-to-market strategy & tactics

  • Responding to "meet-or-fail" requirements and regulations


Sales & Business Development 
LPS offers focused sales- and business development execution services including:
  • Rapid contacts with C-level contacts in target markets

  • Sales partner identification & sign-up

  • C-level lead generation, qualification and tracking

  • Customer sales engagement & negotiations

  • RFP tracking and monitoring

Interim/Turn-Key Sales Entity
You need a local presence to grow furher and support your customers and sales partners but are not ready to set-up your own subsidiary?  LPS supports you by operating your interim sales entity: 
  • Local market and customer visibility
  • Turn-key infrastructure and staffing
  • Fast knowledge transfer leading to client self-sufficency
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