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European Sales & Partner Management for OKIOK, Inc.


OKIOK develops and markets state-of-the art solutions for Secure Managed File Transfer and Identity & Access Management.  


In business since over 30 years, OKIOK brings ITC security expertise, professional services and solutions to enterprises worldwide based on a rich history in innvotive security solutions and with customers globally.  OKIOK solutions are known for their outstanding ease-of-use and ease-of-implementation.


OKIOK clients are medium & large commercial or public organisations. OKIOK solutions and services aim at supporting their ITC security governance and operational needs, securing critical confidential information and enabling highly effective management of information access rights in complex organisational settings.


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OKIOK Solutions & Services


S-Filer Portal & Cloud

The S-Filer secure file transfer exchange and synchronization solution meets the complete needs of organisations that must constantly manage the risks associated with dynamically sharing confidential data, both internally and externally, across desktop to mobile devices.  S-Filer is designed for organisations that seek an easy and effective way to transfer files of all sizes between different users; from non-technical casual users to automated batch transfers typically carried out over insecure FTP. With S-Filer, organisations do not need to be concerned about whether their users consistently apply adequate security measures to protect the information sent.


The OKIOK Sanctum app extends the S-Filer functionality to mobile devices, enabling

mobile secure file transfer and synchronization on Android and iOS platforms.


RAC/M Identity

Companies and public institutions struggle to find the perfect balance between a protected environment and granting the necessary access rights and privileges to enable staff to work productively. The RAC/M Identity solution helps companies better understand the relationship between users and the information resources granted to them, thus enabling them to work toward more effective identity and access management, including management of any physical assets entrusted to users (access cards, telephones, tools, etc.).


In addition to facilitating and optimising access management of various resources within the company, the RAC/M Identity solution also allows organisations to effectively demonstrate control over access to critical information assets, as required by the various normative frameworks to which the company must comply (SOX, PCI, NERC, HIPAA etc.).


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